Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Frame 15

In a countering angle to the prior frame, another line of spirits canters through the densest fog we've seen so far.  The stars are bright enough to burn through to continue to make their presence known, however, providing depth and distance to the world beyond.  Dense, yes.  Pea soup, not so much.

The geometry of the tree to the left seems slightly skewed with the skull of the closest spirit in front of its leaved branch and the knee apparently behind the trunk as illustrated.  That can again be accepted once again due to the ever shifting nature of the reality about.

"-R-I-P-" is clearly read on the gravestone in the foreground and not much effort is given to distinguish the grave it marks from the others in the faded grounds behind it.  Rows upon rows of now-empty beds.

Wind and flurry is suggested by the spotches blowing off the grave towards frame right, following the motion of the branch above and the leaves that cling to or abandon their perches from it as it lees to the right.

Perhaps the poses we find the spirits in are bracing themselves against this implied wind.

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