Monday, March 7, 2011

Frame 14

Full force coordination in a line of spirits parading into frame. There's a glow emanating from them or the mist they time themselves through as is evidenced by the flecks of highlight on the gravestones in the foreground.

Superb results again of the watercolor so pliably able to suggest to the viewer what might or might not be and to invite them to again involve themselves with their own conclusions. How effective that bright spot diffusing itself off the kneecaps and shins of those in mid-frame ... and even glancing to further cascade down the row.

Easily missed is the neck and the scroll of the violin in the bottom right corner. This might suggest we are looking upon the chorus from the fiddler's point of view. Indeed, the hands-up gesture might not only be a motion within the regalia of the movement but also a greeting to the host of the event?

Hoopes suggests soul within his spirits with pinpoints of light in their sockets throughout as is demonstrated by the spirit to the far right. This guest has direction and intent in his glance down the line.  Does it recognize something?

Whereas when these pinpoints are missing (as is the case in the rest of the chorus in this frame), we accredit it to either the shrouds of atmosphere blocking the view or perhaps the neglected spirits are still in a state of emerging while their bodies continue to marionette sustained only by the strings of music.

A pyramidal silhouette in the background suggests enough of the shape of the clock tower as already established. The lines of mist also in the background suggest rolling hills beyond the festivities and that tower. Gloriously dark, wind-swept rolling hills. What goes on there?

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