Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Frame 21

The celebrants are left behind for a moment to focus and fulfill other details that impact and enrich the experience of the evening's events.

Sweeps of wind rip through the frame to join the energy of the midnight celebration. A top contender for the most energetic frame in the series.

Debris serves the intensity as it is implied the wind is of such force that it has stripped the branches of the last remnants of the season or lifted it from the ground to which it had fallen before.

Branches are kept simple; brevity is again the best choice when it comes to the scope and scale the viewer is asked to participate in.  Only what's impressionable is conveyed in Hoopes' watercolors.  All other details (more intricate tree branches, refined shapes of the leaves) would simply get in the way.  The brevity serves the blur of action; the mind of the viewer engages with whichever details it needs.

The arc of the wind lines follows the sweeping strings throughout the Danse, effectively rollercoastering through the frame.

A supernatural lighter glow to the rear and a convergence of the wind lines toward the upper right serve to provide depth for the wind to travel in as it rips down and past and then through and beyond the branches that whistle and comb it.

The kinetic visual of this frame served as an appropriate backdrop for the visual editor credit at the beginning of the piece in frame 4. Sweeping images syncing with soaring music provide a challenge for any editor, indeed.  That no music played during the credit enable the action of this imagery to spark attention in the viewer; a baton tap or house lights down of a visual overture of imagery to come.