Monday, February 21, 2011

The Missing Frames 1 and 2

The first three frames of MuseumPieces' posting of 10/31/10 are:

The first frame following the credit frame is labelled '5':

Only the title frame and the credit frame are shown before it; neither of which have numbers on them:

So somehow we're missing 2 frames.  And what number would the title and credit slide have if they were numbered?  Where do they specifically come in the presentation's "order"?

Two explanations I can think of would be:

1) The 2 frames are missing between the credit frame and the CU of the face of the clock and were somehow deleted or not shown when MuseumPieces recorded his presentation. That is:
Title - Credit - Missing 1 - Missing 2 - Face of the Clock
Some evidence toward this is that there is no blurring of a frame advance when the frame is advanced from the credit frame to the frame showing the face of the clock. (Neither is there blurring of a frame advance between the title frame and the credit frame for that matter ... )

If so, these frames might contain more credit information or missing illustrations of the graveyard (or indeed any number of things) prior to the clock's closeup for the first stroke of twelve.

2) Or that the 2 frames are missing at the beginning of the presentation prior to the title frame and contained information perhaps on the music appreciation series that the filmstrip was apparently a part of as well as perhaps a logo of the producer or distributor of the strip and copyright information (or indeed, again, any number of things). That is:
Missing 1 - Missing 2 - Title - Credit - Face of the Clock
I lean towards the latter.  Can't see why the operator would skip any frames while recording the presentation initially on VHS and I myself don't recall any frames that occurred before the clockface in my memory of when I first saw it.  Perhaps when the presentation was recorded on VHS the operator saw no need to show the first two "non-content" frames.

All speculation, regardless.

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