Monday, February 21, 2011

Retouch MP01GF01

Before and After
This retouch was intended only to reduce the cyan and magenta hues that dominated the video capture of a presentation of the filmstrip that MuseumPieces posted on YouTube 10/31/10.

No image repair was performed as the low resolution of the material didn't justify the time it would take. The scratches on frames 31-34 can be considered a bit of nostalgia toward the nature of the medium for now.

As no actual version of the filmstrip was available for reference, no serious attempt was made to shift the hue and saturation of the colors until they "looked right."  I did, however, bump up vibrance and contrast and added in some warmth throughout to compensate for any lost with the cyan and magenta operation.  I made the assumption that the lettering in frame 3 (sampled in this post) was white and used that as my gauge for balancing.

Steps I took on the retouch are briefed as follows.

Selective Color Reduction
cyan magenta yellow black
greeens -100% -100%
cyans -100% -100%
blues -80%
magentas -100%
whites -100% -100%
blacks +20%

Midtones Darker
Increase Contrast 3
Increase Vibrance +50 for cools
Warming Filter (85) at 25% density for warms
Increase Sharpness - 40% with radius of 8 pixels, threshold 5
The same filters and settings were applied to each frame across the board. Photoshop 4.

For those interested in retouching on their own, the unretouched frames of my snapshot of MuseumPieces capture are here.

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