Monday, February 21, 2011

Frame 3

Love that the lettering is drawn - presumably by the illustrator.

Bones to make letters is an easy choice perhaps, but also naively bold. Charming. The largess of this decision is cousin to the fat stars we'll be seeing later.

The first A could be a wishbone.

There's attention to craft shown in that in order to create the deeper curves found in the S or C, 2 bones are used; ribs perhaps - although this isn't consistent in the D execution. The serifs of the M could be the balls of the ball and socket joint at the top of a femur.

As the fiddler and his instrument drive the entire composition it's a fitting choice to have both on the title frame. Although why not the opening frame (5)? Indeed, there's a balance in the composition of the fiddler that would suggest that the layout of the painting was driven for use as this title frame - and not just in the presentation.

As to color, this retouch merely reduced the saturation of any cyan or magenta inherent in the recording of video and unavoidably affected other colors that were present in all the frames. There's still a slight cyan tinge on "Danse" that needs to be addressed. It was assumed the letters on this frame were white as a gauge when balancing the colors throughout. I'm sensing the fog in the background is a richer blue, but any guess is just that at this point.

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