Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Frame 4

The wind blows.  There's action and motion to come.  Although in context of a credit background and with no music this feels more as if it is indeed a still of the action to be implied later in the presentation as the music "moves" through it's measures while this frame is shown.

More hand-drawn lettering.  I doubt that that is Harold Dexter Hoopes' notary signature, but any flair that might be found in it is evident in the swirls in the H's and D's of his credit.

I sense that he started big and then ran out of space; the "Hoopes" seems condensed to balance the space on the right with that of the left of his name.  Although it might easily be said the same of the "Harold" which also cacades downward to fit beneath the flair of the D.

The credit descriptions in this frame are italic - perhaps a caligraphic standard of the day.

What a visual editor does for a filmstrip remains to be determined.  Initial content choices? Filmstrip "beep advance" planning?

While truer colors remain to be verified, the cool grays work well.

Black silhouettes.  Always effective spooky, moody elements.

Not much detail in the branching of the tree, which serves the charm of the art.  More of the thick or "fat feel" throughout.  While knowledge of skeletal anatomy is pretty evident, not much detail of it is spent toward representing the trees, dead leaves or tombstones.  Leads to wondering how large were the original pieces of artwork.

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