Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Frame 5

Midnight established.

It is time. The clock has started.

Where we are isn't clear yet, but the lines of the structure housing the clock suggests a Christian church or chapel. Absence of detail in the structure serves to establish a misting in the atmosphere.

The imagery of the clock face and the clock tower will be utilized in many frames:

6, 7, 11 (20), 12, 13, 14, 34

What could be a possible blatant error would be evidenced by the structure shown behind the clock tower.  This is the only frame which represents whatever it is; perhaps the larger structure of the church building, perhaps a mountain.  Whatever it is, the other slides do not represent it.

The proportion of the clock face diameter to the tower varies as well. Not a candidate for error though; time and the geography of the venue will shift as the reality of moment and shape is driven by the tides of emotion to come.

The clock face glows brightly as is represented by the detail of the highlights on the branches in the foreground.  Perhaps a yellow or amber is the true color for the face, but still indeterminate until an authentic original surfaces.

Fat stars in a lighter sky.  Lighter at this angle perhaps from mist in the air catching the glow spilling from the clock behind.

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