Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Frame 20

The artwork here is also a repeat of imagery that was last seen in frame 11. It will not be seen again.

Where prior the fiddler was leading a drowsy procession out of it's slumber, it is now leading it through the rigors and passion of a dance in full force.

All elements remain strong and enduring on this revisit to impact again or be found for the first time.  Fat stars cottonball above the misty yard. Bold, simple silhouettes build an effective vignette. The blazing clock face is roughly the same size as the bright stars opposite creating a resonance of dislocation and flow. Size brings depth with the diminishing poses of the dancers and clock tower low on the horizon. Edges are soft and blurred evoking motion and dreamstate illusion: something which sets this artwork of the Danse apart from its peers so effectively and memorably.

This is a thematically encompassing image that serves to represent the event. A spectral figure leads dancing spirits through a misted graveyard deep in the night. That many of the strong elements of Hoopes' take on the vision are present in the execution likewise serves as tribute to the overall accomplishment of the illustrator.

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