Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Frame 19

This artwork appeared prior in frame 9 and will again 
in frame 26 and 33.

It's repetition creates a rhythmic centerpiece to reflect at.  Before we had only seen one spirit arise; since there's been a spectral chorus line and a dynamic double-duet.  Despite the rise in intensity in the celebration evoked about it, the central figure remains the same: focused on his instrument and in his delivery.

No effort is made to represent the central spectre from a different angle or in a different light in these returns.  Was it a time constraint on the illustrator's part?  Was it a decision by the visual editor to extend the story using a limited amount of imagery? 

Regardless, such a convention serves to bond the imagery and impressions introduced before.  It is the fiddler that resurrects and enables all that goes on; the gravity around which all orbit. Returning to him in the same angle and poise works to strengthen that impression. Always the fiddler. Always consistently dedicated.

What will haunt or inspire us from all we've seen 
when next we visit him again?

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