Sunday, January 29, 2012

Frame 17

In the 2nd of what might be considered a sequence of three illustrations, the couple in frame 16 continue their movement together. Our illustrator is focusing on the intimacy of the dance and the yearning opportunity to once again share each others' company. This rapor is supported by the particular burlesque flavor of the music during these measures.

Here their gait and posture suggest an enchufla - where they are reversing their initial introductory facings to prepare for what's to follow. There's an almost jazz "hip swinging" implied in their bended knees, bending spines and splayed arms and fingers. But perhaps more appropriately it's merely an encircling, creeping bow to stay more reverent and gracefully inline with the composition.

To the rear we see entering (jumping?) the form of another reveler whose outstretched arms inform us his or her partner lies just off frame right.  

The angles of tombstones frame the composition to the left and right. Their forms are slightly out of scale in reference to the figures if the stones are as close as they are implied in the perspective. But then again, the nature of the ethereal happenings and chosen medium to portray them allow such shiftings to be easily forgiven and embraced.

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