Thursday, March 3, 2011

Frame 12

Shifting in out of detail as they stretch away from the viewer, the souls begin the ritual of the dance in a coordinated chorus line.  Eyes glow in the back where they don't in the front or indeed are present at all as what each spirit is becoming unto itself varies from form to form.

And the ground positivly pours forth an eery glow of resurrection and reincarnation. The brightest evidence of the effect throughout the presentation.  So bright even as to light up the faces of the headstones in the rear to cast a shadow behind one.

Yet not consistently.  Others in the rear are black as pitch.  The variance in technique only continues to serve the uncertainty of what is happening and gaining a vantage point to allow this celebration possibly become real.

It's not so much what we're seeing - its the impression of it.  The idea of it. The dream of it.  We may be sleeping.

And again with the blessing of the clock tower horizon under huge stars.

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