Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Frame 11

The first broadening sweep of the melody in full base toy soldiers the awakening souls to pied piper behind our host.  They are following at this point while the coffee kicks in.  There is now more than one.

Viewpoint is low.  It is suggested by touches and dabs of white that the line of spirits bends back towards the center of the composition as it oscillates into the distance ...

... to again find the tree and the blessing and orientation of the clock tower there.  We are moving outward into the graveyard or perhaps it is moving into us now as the watercolor continues its haze and shifting of all that was before.

Many of Hoopes' compositions throughout are punctuated with "Oh. And a tree."  There's a simplicity of a mind that's young at heart in this.  Houses have chimneys.  Graveyards have leaveless trees.

Depth again so easily represented by the wash over the gravestone in the foreground left.

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